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Staking overview

At Gravix, both staking and the insurance fund create conditions for the sustainable development of the platform and the protection of the interests of all users.
Staking on Gravix enables users to receive passive income in the form of stgUSDT, which can later be sold. By depositing their USDT tokens in the USDT pool, users receive stgUSDT, which reflects their share in the pool. Over time, thanks to the commissions collected by the platform (in USDT), stgUSDT becomes more expensive relative to USDT. This lets users to earn both ways, trading and receiving passive income from depositing tokens in the USDT pool.
The insurance fund was created to protect liquidity providers. It evens out short-term fluctuations in trading results and ensures the stability of the trading platform. In addition, the insurance fund can be used to regulate the level of risk on the platform. If the fund reaches a certain amount of funds, then part of it can be redirected for other purposes. For example, to expand the list of traded assets or to improve the user experience.
For convenience, the so-called Safe ratio of the Insurance fund was created. At the moment, the team set the target level at 20%. However, iпn the future, it may be revised. In case the level set is exceeded, the DAO has the right to withdraw part of the USDT in the form of the platform's income. Thus, by establishing the Insurance fund, Gravix strives to ensure the sustainability and protection of user funds.
Safe ratio,%=Insurance poolUSDT poolSafe\,ratio, \% = \cfrac {Insurance\,pool}{USDT\,pool}
For example, if there are 200,000 USDT in the Insurance fund, and 1,000,000 in the USDT pool, then the Safe ratio is 20%.