1. What is Gravix?

Gravix is a cutting-edge decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to trade a broad spectrum of both on-chain and off-chain assets, including cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, commodities and stocks. With Gravix, traders can leverage their positions up to 20x directly from their crypto wallets.

2. How is profit calculated when closing a position?

Profit calculation on Gravix is determined by various factors, including the initial and closing price of the position, the collateral used, the leverage level and the fees associated with both opening and closing the position. For a comprehensive breakdown, please consult the designated section in our documentation.

3. Are there any trading fees? Where can I learn more about them?

Yes, Gravix has a variety of fee structures in place. For detailed information on trading fees, please refer to the appropriate section in our documentation.

4. What is Position Liquidation and how does it work?

Position liquidation on Gravix is automated. It is triggered when a trader incurs losses equivalent to -90% of their initial collateral. When this threshold is reached, the system will automatically close the position and claim the collateral. For a more in-depth explanation, please visit the relevant page in our documentation.

5. Where can I find a concise and user-friendly trading guide?

You can find a succinct trading guide in our documentation, which also features a visual demonstration. This will guide you through the entire trading process, from position opening to closure.

6. Is it possible to edit the collateral of a position after it's been opened?

Yes, Gravix offers the flexibility to adjust the collateral of an open position. This can impact the current liquidation price, leverage and size of the position. For further details, please refer to the relevant section in our documentation.

7. What are Gravix's operational hours?

While traditional markets do not operate 24/7, Gravix occasionally halts trading during periods when fair pricing is unattainable. For specifics on our operating hours, please see the corresponding page in our documentation.

8. What assets are tradable on Gravix?

A comprehensive list of supported assets is available directly on our trading page.

9. Are limit orders and TP/SL coming to Gravix?

Absolutely! Stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest updates on these features. You'll be among the first to know!

10. Where can I acquire USDT to open a position on the Venom Testnet?

You can obtain USDT for the Venom Testnet at https://web3.world.

11. Which blockchain networks does Gravix support?

Gravix is multi-chain, currently operating on both the Venom Testnet and Everscale. For more details on these networks, please refer to the respective sections in our documentation.

12. What are oracles, and which does Gravix utilize?

Oracles serve as bridges connecting blockchains to external systems. Gravix employs a blend of proprietary oracles and Chainlink. For a deeper dive, check out the "About Gravix" page.

13. Does Gravix support spot trading?

No, Gravix is primarily a futures-based DEX.

14. What features does Gravix offer beyond opening trading positions?

On Gravix, you can stake USDT and engage in our referral program. Detailed information on these features is available in our documentation.

15. Is an email or phone number required to register on Gravix?

No need! Gravix is a decentralized application (dApp), and all you need is your crypto wallet. Our aim is to achieve full decentralization.

16. What is stgUSDT?

stgUSDT stands for Staked Gravix USDT. It's a token you receive when staking USDT on Gravix. This token validates your participation in the staking pool, and its value relative to USDT grows over time due to the fees amassed by the platform.

You can access and tailor your referral link via the dashboard.

18. How are my referred friends tracked?

Once an invitee completes a transaction using your referral link, they're permanently associated with your account.

19. Do I earn bonuses from referrals made by my friends?

Yes. You earn bonuses from both direct referrals and their subsequent referrals.

20. What incentives do I receive for making referrals?

You earn a portion of the platform fees based on the activity of your referrals: 10%/1% from trades, 1%/0.1% from PnL, and 10%/1% from position closures.

21. Where can I monitor the activities of my referrals?

All referral activities can be tracked via the dashboard.

22. How can I cash out my referral earnings? What currency is used? Are there any restrictions?

Withdrawals can be processed from the referral dashboard. Earnings are in $USDT, and there's no withdrawal cap.

23. Does Gravix use cookies?

No, Gravix does not collect cookies.

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