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About Gravix

Gravix is a decentralized exchange platform tailored for users looking to trade an array of assets, encompassing cryptocurrencies, stocks and forex. Designed with a balance of simplicity and power, Gravix offers traders the opportunity to leverage their positions up to 200x. With a profound emphasis on user privacy, efficiency and innovative trading solutions, Gravix stands at the forefront of decentralized trading platforms.

Platform Features

Gravix contains an impressive suite of features:
  • On-chain Trading: Execute trades directly from your crypto wallet, ensuring rapid and secure transactions.
  • Leverage Opportunities: Augment your trading capabilities with up to 20x leverage.
  • Absolute Privacy: Gravix staunchly prioritizes user privacy—no KYC procedures, no cookies and absolutely no analytics tracking.
  • Transparent and Cost-Efficient: Gravix provides transparent asset pricing, aggregated from dozens of exchanges via Chainlink Oracles. Coupled with this transparency is the platform's cost-efficiency, ensuring minimal transaction fees.
  • Trading Versatility: Trade with either spot or perpetual contracts while enjoying low swap fees and minimal price impact.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Gravix's pricing is dynamic, aggregating prices from leading exchanges and supported by Chainlink Oracles, ensuring up-to-date and accurate market rates.
  • Asset Diversity: Gravix's asset arsenal is vast. Whether you're looking to trade traditional assets like EUR, GBP, AAPL and TSLA, or delve into cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH and BNB, Gravix has you covered.

How It Works

  • Liquidity Providers: Gravix's ecosystem thrives on its liquidity providers, who serve as market custodians. They streamline the process of opening positions with any asset, ensuring swift and efficient trading experiences with minimal spreads.
  • Trading Dynamics: Traders can opt for long (anticipating price increase) or short positions (expecting a price decline), capitalizing on market trends regardless of their direction.
  • Leverage Mechanism: Gravix's leverage feature is a double-edged sword. While it magnifies potential returns, traders must exercise caution, as potential losses can be equally amplified.
  • Oracle Systems: Gravix works with a dual oracle system: Chainlink and its proprietary oracle. This synergy ensures seamless real-time data retrieval from exchanges, underpinning efficient and precise trading.

Unique Offerings

  • Staking and Rewards: Gravix's stgUSDT represents Staked Gravix USDT. By staking USDT, users are rewarded with this token, a testament to their involvement in the staking pool. As Gravix's fee pool grows, stgUSDT's value relative to USDT escalates, mirroring the platform's evolution and profitability.
  • Insurance Reserve: The platform's Insurance Fund is a strategic safety net, designed to mitigate stake volatility and guarantee profits on successful trades.
  • Referral Incentives: Gravix's referral system is both lucrative and enticing, rewarding users for expanding the Gravix family.
  • Live Market Data: Gravix's commitment to real-time data is unwavering, offering users the latest market insights at their fingertips.

Why Choose Gravix?

  • Transparency: As an open-source solution, Gravix guarantees absolute operational transparency.
  • Unyielding Control: Your funds, your rights. Funds are safeguarded in secure smart contracts, independent of servers. Only you, through your wallet, wield control. We can never impose restrictions on your assets.
  • Trade On-The-Go: With wallet support, users can instantly connect to smart contracts and commence trading.
  • Customization: The Gravix platform is tailor-made for personalization. Seamlessly align it with your branding, ensuring fluid interactions with your clientele.
  • Advanced Trading: Gravix is on the cusp of introducing 200x leverage trading, expanding your trading horizons. Furthermore, Gravix empowers traders with advanced tools, including stop-loss and take-profit orders, granting enhanced trade control.